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The Primal Rising Collection

Fire painted copper, sterling silver, hammered metals, circles, tear drops and healing quartz crystals are all components of this powerful collection.

Following the 2018 Camp Fire in Northern California I found myself paralyzed creatively. I would think of designs and draw them out. I would talk about wanting to get back to the bench. I invested in stones and supplies thinking they would motivate me to create. Yet, nothing. I thought for sure the best way to process the loss and trauma of the fire would be to do what makes me the happiest...designing and creating jewelry. However, what I seemed to need was time. I have been patiently awaiting for this creative flow to happen and am so grateful that it is finally here.


I have made my way back to the bench with the torch in my hand, embracing the flames. Each element of this collection holds meaning and embodies some of life's meaning since the fire.

The heat patina and hammered metals resembling strength and physical change. Tear drops for grief. Circles of unity. Quartz crystals for healing.

From the fire the Primal Rising Collection is born.

It is strong yet delicate, simple yet powerful, and most of all healing.  

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