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There are certain things in life that just feel right. For Blissful Jewelry Collectives' founder Heather Urman, working with her hands has always been one of those things. 

Heather has always found herself surrounded by wellness working in luxury spas and expanding into her jewelry collections. Her jewelry line represents her deepest passions of creativity and wellbeing. She insists that the best gift you can give to yourself or to another is one that offers healing.

As a healer, dreamer, dancer, laugher and lover of all things that just plain feel good, Blissful Jewelry Collectives founder and designer, Heather states,  "I set out to design a jewelry line that aligns organically to those who seek beauty in the simpler things. To create comforting and quality pieces of jewelry that promote healing and provoke soul soothing feelings of inspiration, love, natural connection and an overall sense of wellbeing"    

She operates as a one woman show and handcrafts each piece with love and intention.  She aims to create individual pieces that represent a story in the making. Heather recognizes that receiving a piece of jewelry at a certain time or place can evoke profound emotions. The wearer is then gifted the ability to go back to that space and time and revisit those moments, creating new memories along the way.  It is her greatest wish that her jewelry allows its wearer to embark on their personal journey feeling beautiful and empowered. That their jewelry inspires them to embrace those soul soothing feelings within. Most of all her hope is that when you find a piece from Blissfuls' collection, it just feels right. 

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When you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy     ~Rumi

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